The Floating World


A beautiful quote from Asai Ryoti’s novel “Tales of the Floating World” with a brief mention on cherry blossom viewing.


VCBF Cherry Scouts


I almost became a cherry scout for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival then realized that I already was a cherry schout for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

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Match 2 (Game)

While waiting for cherry blossoms to bloom, I’ve put together this little game in Flash featuring activities of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival: plein-air painting, bento box, umbrella dance and, of course, cherry blossoms, rain or shine!

Match two similar cards to clear them off the board and win the game!

Click on this picture to start:


Accolade Cherry Tree

What a delight to stumble upon this fully bloomed accolade cherry tree yesterday:


There was so many pink blossoms. It was the most beautiful cherry trees I’ve ever seen.


I really like doing close-up.


Photographing cherry blossoms is easy.  All you need is the right light. Cherry blossoms are naturally photogenic.


The blossoms fall so shortly after they bloom. Some blossoms fall face down while others will fall face up, it’s a strange law of physic.



Fallen blossoms are so pretty when they fall face up, and they are firmly planted in the grass.



All these pictures are from the same Accolade cherry tree (March 25, 2012)

Cherry buds

Good day for cherry blossom viewing except most trees (like this one) are still covered in buds and only have a few blossoms.


One of the rare blossoms I found on that cherry tree.


The blossoms are so delicate that they are already being blown in the wind. From bud to the grass in only a few hours, that poor cherry blossom!