Haiku Invitational 2013

VCBF Haiku Invitational Winner 2012 - Best BC poem - Marianne Baharustani

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational will be accepting submissions from March 1st to June 3rd 2013.

“Many many things they call to mind these cherry blossoms.” — Basho
What comes to your mind when you think about cherry blossoms?

Send us two haiku starting March 1st!


Want to learn more about haiku?

On April 22nd 2013 at 6:30pm, VCBF is hosting a Haiku Workshop at the Vancouver Public Library (Alice McKay room)  featuring Michael Dylan Welch.


Sakura! Sakura! tea

I went to pick up my beautiful Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival umbrella.

It’s really great that we can pick up our umbrella early this year!  You can bring your paypal receipt at any of these three locations to receive your umbrella: Urban Tea Merchant, VanDusen Garden shop or at rehearsal.

This gave me a good excuse to go back to Urban Tea Merchant (1070 West Georgia Street).

Urban Tea Merchant offers luxury teas and tea gifts from the finest harvests around the world.  And if, like me, you like cherry blossoms so much that you are ready to eat and drink them, then you can buy Sakura! Sakura! tea, a fragrant tea made with cherry blossoms. If you like sweet tea, this will quickly become one of your favorites. Another great way to enjoy cherry blossom season!

Sakura Sakura tea with cherry petals

Sakura! Sakura! tea at Urban Tea Merchant.

Umbrella Design by Anthony Redpath

VCBF umbrella

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Umbrella designed by Anthony Redpath.


Buy your limited edition Pop-Art umbrella.

2013 Limited Edition PoP-Art Umbrella

With the umbrella design for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, the form of blossom was distilled down to its most pure graphic form, while keeping the lines, shapes, and colours pleasing from a solely aesthetic point of view. At very close range, as in viewing a portion of the umbrella, one sees the shapes as simply graphic forms. The blossom is revealed as one takes in the whole open umbrella. The charm of the visual melody created by multiple umbrellas increases with the number of open umbrellas visible at the same time.

About Anthony Redpath

Anthony Redpath is a Vancouver based conceptual artist producing works that seem to toy with themes of allusion and paradox, using these to create images often laced with irony. With his strong sense of design and knowledge of technique, Redpath expresses his interest in contemporary art, popular culture and social issues through beautifully composed, crisp and resonant imagery. With four solo shows in 2012, awareness of Redpath’s work is growing rapidly. His work has been awarded by and featured in many publications, including Archive, Canadian Art, The National Post, Communication Arts, and Zoom magazine.

World Umbrella Dance

Saturday, April 13, 2013, hundreds and hundreds of dancing umbrellas will perform to “Shabop” on the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza. The first rehearsal is coming up soon at False Creek Community Centre so register now and practice at home with the online instructional video to really show off your moves! You can pick up your umbrella at anytime with your PayPal receipt at the VanDusen Garden Shop (5251 Oak Street) or Urban Tea Merchant (1070 W Georgia Street) or at rehearsal. You may also show your support of the festival and purchase the gorgeous umbrella by itself for the same price.

Cherry Blossom Pin

Every year, I have a ritual: after seeing the first cherry blossoms, I put on my cherry blossom pin and I don’t take it off until the last blossoms have fallen (which is usually mid-May).  It’s just my way of celebrating spring.

January is probably the earliest time I ever wore the pin.  It’s really nice to have a touch of color on my dark coat.

Let’s hope more blossoms will come soon. The fog seems to have taken over the city these days.

VCBF pin

Interested in the pin? The VCBF cherry blossom pin will be on sale sale at the Cherry Jam and, very soon, at the VanDusen Garden Shop.

First Accolade

Are these big news – these ‘Accolade’ blossoms on Richards south of Robson? Apparently they are – CBC radio called Douglas Justice downtown to interview him about them. The interview should be on The Early Edition on Monday, January 21, some time between 5am and 9am.  Photo taken on Richards street south of Robson, across from Starbucks.