Accolade at Chilco Park

Accolade cherry trees at Chilco Park in Vancouver.


Accolade at Chilco park

Accolade cherry trees at Chilco park are now in full bloom. On the ground, there are flowers fallen face down and other fallen face up. After a careful observation I noticed little birds in the cherry tree were cutting blossoms while searching for food in the tree. Whole cherry blossoms were falling at a very rapid rate. Plop. Plop. All around me.

Accolade cherry blossoms at Vancouver City Hall

Accolade are one of my favorite cultivars of cherry trees. They are blooming early this year. Today, I went to my favorite location: Vancouver City Hall. I always enjoy taking photos of the statue of George Vancouver pointing at the blossoms.

These photos were taken today around 12:30 pm on a cloudy day. Blossoms are already falling. The trees are at full peak!