End of Season

We’re nearing the end of cherry blossom viewing in Vancouver.  Let’s take a look at what’s still blooming in your neighborhood.

Amanogawa cherry blossoms

The Amanogawa cherry blossoms are turning pink and leaves are growing.


Shogetsu cherry blossom

The leaves of the Shogetsu cherry trees are still a bright green, but the blossoms are slowly turning pink.


Shirofugen red bud scales

Shirofugen cherry blossoms are turning pink. They’re the last ones to bloom in Vancouver. They’re tough and will probably be hanging there until June.


Let’s enjoy these late-blooming cherry blossoms.

To find out where Amanogawa, Shogetsu and Shirofugen are blooming in your neighborhood, check-out the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival cherry viewing map.

Shirofugen Bud Scales

Shirofugen red bud scales

I was taking a walk under a row of Shirofugen cherry trees when I noticed these petal-shaped things on the sidewalk.

Shirofugen red bud scales

I took a closer look but realized they were obviously not petals.

Shirofugen red bud scales

I examined the cherry tree to determine where they were coming from.

Shirofugen red bud scales

They were bud scales.

(Can you name the other parts of the cherry trees?)

Shirofugen red bud scales

It’s the end of season for Shirofugen. You can notice the cherry blossoms turning from white to pink.

Shirofugen red bud scales

The tree is getting rid of all the unnecessary parts like the bud scales and, soon, the blossoms.

Shirofugen red bud scales

The red bud scales are visible through the pink blossoms and copper leaves of the Shirofugen.

Enjoy the blossoms while you can.

To find out if there are Shirofugen where you live, check out the VCBF cherry blossom viewing map.